The Spangled Drongos

We are The Spangled Drongos. We were drawn together 25 years ago by a fondness of bright and shiny things. We’ve sung at Festivals & gigs across Northern NSW & into QLD – highlights being Woodford, Bellingen Jazz Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Dorrigo Bluegrass Festival and Thursday Tea Tree Plantation Choral Festival. Just like our feathered namesakes, migrations and revivals have been the norm… and now we’re back!  Bellingen has always been our home and although we are now dispersed from Eumundi to Manly our bonds of shared history, musical heart & rhythm continue.

Our rocking good choir loves providing a musical platform for guest vocalists as we celebrate their vibrant living vocal traditions. Our music expresses our love of this big blue planet and the songs that rise through the people who live close to the land.

“The Australian Drongo is said to be uninhibited, energetic and often comical. Whilst sometimes silent they do make astonishingly loud, complex and entertaining calls.” That’s us – Drongos and Spangled at that!

Visually captivating, aurally tantalising, rhythmically enticing – we call out to all speckled glossy creatures to come join us.